A22 Shiarsu
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Ecogearaqua Katsu Mebaru Shirasu 2''

Brand: Ecogearaqua
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Anything Ecogearaqua has to be good! It is. Designed with a fat body and skinny tail with a bobble on the end. This enhances the tail's whippy action and has proven deadly while I've been messing with prototypes over the past few months. Now that others are using them too they've continued their winning trend. The fatter end means that jighead hooking is extremely easy.

For winter fishing especially, the EcogearAqua range simply cannot be beaten. A lure/bait hybrid, they possess a mixture of scents and amino acids that standard soft plastics simply cannot hold, and the materials texture and softness ensures that shy biting fish are more likely to take EcogearAqua than any standard soft lure.

10 per pack

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