• Gosen Tiny Leader FC
    Gosen Tiny Leader FC

    A high quality, light, pure fluorocarbon leader material. Perfectly suited to all aspects of saltwater LRF or ultra light perch fishing. Supplied on 30m spools, when you're only using a couple of feet at a time, this one should last you ages. C..

    Ex Tax: £5.83

  • Gosen Max Beat PE 150m
    Gosen Max Beat PE 150m

    Max Beat is the best value braid we've had. Far more reliable than most, the range covers everything from LRF to bassin'&wrassin'! It's a quality 4 strand braid, perfect for all rugged fishing situations. I've used the 2PE from the boat quite ..

    Ex Tax: £14.99

  • Gosen Mebarin PE 80m
    Gosen Mebarin PE 80m

    One of the lightest, finest LRF braids available perfect for the most delicate presentation in fresh or saltwater. Great for casting sub-1g jigs and ultralight competition perch fishing. The 80m spools are ideal since you don't need to buy more ex..

    Ex Tax: £20.83

  • Gosen X8 Braid 150m
    Gosen X8 Braid 150m

    I first fished with a sample of this earlier in the year. It took a while to get hold of following that but it's been incredibly high on my priorities list all year. What I'd found was a pretty much perfect 8 strand braid! Very possibly my favourite ..

    Ex Tax: £24.99