Pocket In Aji. Colours may vary!
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Ecogear Pocket in Aji

Brand: Ecogear
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Of all the PocketIn sets I tend to recommend this one first because it contains the Shirasu Fine Heads (1.4 or 1.8g) and 2'' Straw Tail Grubs. These are some of my favourites!

Ecogear reckon:

AJI (Scad) game fishing's basic tactic is the straight retrieve. Using 'count down' techniques anglers search out different depth ranges for AJI. In tough conditions, using a high appeal GRASSMINNOW can help the angler search over a wide area. Once the target fish have been found, switching to a smaller POWER SHIRASU or STRAW TAIL GRUB makes for highly effective AJI fishing. POCKET IN AJI SET includes 5SHIRASU HEAD FINE jig heads, 10 GRASSMINNOW SS, 5 POWER SHIRASU 2' and 5 STRAW TAIL GRUB 2'. Everything that is needed for beginners and experienced anglers alike to enjoy AJI fishing. A fantastic value starter set.




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