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The Final Keeper is one of those items that any angler in their right mind just wouldn't be without. Seriously!

The concept is used when rigging soft lures with either weedless/worm or dropshot hooks. The fatal flaw of most soft plastic lure is the softness. Softness is a good thing in any soft plastic as it will ensure movement is maximum, but with certain hooking options, the lures are too easily split. The Final Keeper completely solves this problem and being as cheap as they are they're a complete no-brainer!

With a Final Keeper inserted in to the nose of your lure, you rig your soft bait as normal by passing the hook through the hole on the front of the plastic peg. With this procedure followed, any movement or stress put upon the hook either during playing fish or casting is spread through the length of the lure, completely removing that annoying scenario where the nose of your lure rips clean through - rendering it next to useless.

A must for any lure angler who uses soft plastic lures with weedless hooks or for dropshotting. You can even use them with EcogearAqua!

NB: Not recommended for Z-Man soft plastics as the plastic is so stretchy that you will struggle to insert the peg. Luckily with Z-Man you'll never experience ripping anyway!!

I can't stress enough how these pegs solve all of our long term problems.

7 per pack. Made in Japan.  

Final Keeper Hook Size Chart

SS = hook sizes #6 - #1.
S = hook sizes 1/0 - 3/0.
M = hook sizes 4/0 - 6/0.
L = hook sizes 7/0 - 11/0.

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Ben says:
"Essential accessory for standard, J-bend weedless hooks. Holds the lure in place and saves you £££."

  • Pack size: 7