Alphatackle Landing Gear Short 230


We've sold a few nets in our times, but the A-Tec models are the best yet. The brilliant, robust net FOLDING system means you have an ultra compact net and handle combo that folds down to practically nothing yet is easily accessible one-handed, whenever you need it!

The 30cm diameter net on this model is surprisingly spacious given its small dimensions. The rubberised netting ensures quick drying and less tangling with lures. The 2.3m handle gives plenty of reach along canal towpaths and the like and it securely folds down to a tiny 35.5cm length. Clipped to your hip or bag, you'll never be without it. 

Nets like this don't come cheap, but this kind of practicality and quality just isn't available elsewhere.

  • £124.99

  • Our stock: 2-3 Days