Apia Ailed'ore 115F


Such a brilliant lure! They looked WEIRD to me when I first ordered a few samples. I didn't think they were going to be much good. A deeper body and small bib doesn't make much logical sense to me. I just couldn't imagine them either casting well or moving well in the water. I've never been more wrong about a lure. 

Here in Wadebridge, I quite often take a new lure over to the river (it's about 60m wide. I've not measured it but it's a bloody long cast for any plug!) and cast them about a bit to get an idea of what they'll do. Given the fact that there's often a lot of wind blowing up the river, it's very, very rare that you can get a lure to hit the far side. I've never done it with a shallow diver....... until now. Big Patchinko, yes. And there are one or two slim, 150mm and 170mm lures I've used over the years that might just about do it (I've not tried on the river), but the Ailed'ore has set a new standard. 

The weighting of this lure is phenomenal. There are three balls inside that shift right to the tail of the lure on casting. They must be using pure tungsten for these as the amount of weight that moves about is massive. Usually this might create a lure that then loses it's action as a consequence. This one couldn't be more different. Somehow, even with the long casting, it's great in the water too! 

Because of the very shallow lip, it's not a lure to use if you're standing 10 feet off the water in rough conditions, but if you can keep the tip down I think it will handle anything you throw at it. I'm really looking forward to using this one in anger this year. It really is very special.

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Ben says:
"It looks weird but use one and you'll be stunned by what it does!"

  • Length: ()
  • Weight: 18g
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Diving Depth: 0.3m
  • Type: Plug