Apia Foojin'AD


There's a robustness about this range that takes them ahead of all others. There's just a solidness you feel as soon as you pick one up.

Flow Hunt 810ML: The Flow Hunt is basically my idea of the perfect rod for me. I've always liked slight sub-9 footers. The perfect middleweight power wise, with a tip that will do everything. Being shorter, they obviously feel nicer than longer versions too.

Jail Breaker 92MX: More grunt than the Flow Hunt, this one well suits anglers who don't need a long rod but still want some power. Not that it's overly heavy to fish a light lure though!

Beast Brawl 95MH: Despite being a powerful rod, the 95MH is beautifully light and crisp. If you fish a lot in rougher seas or need to launch the occasional needlefish or metal lure, this could very well be the rod for you. If you demand the best that is. Perfectly happy with a 16g plus on the end as well though! It's that versatility that comes with rods of this quality.

Angel Shooter 96M: With longer rods becoming more popular, the 96M will find its place among angers who not only want the best but also want a rod capable of fishing virtually any kind of lure.

Poderosa 102M: 10'2" of quality. This one is a big lure blaster, while also maintaining some feel to fish a lighter lure - a common theme in this range, as is the quality.

High Roller 104ML: A lighter, longer rod. Basically an extended Flow Hunt, this one will suit anybody needing line control and distance, without wanting to step up to a heavier rod. Just sublime for its length.

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  • Flow Hunt 810ML - 32g (£579.99)
  • Jail Breaker 92MX - 42g (£619.99)
  • Beast Brawl 95MH - 48g (£649.99)
  • Angel Shooter 96M - 36g (£629.99)
  • Poderosa 102M - 42g (£669.99)
  • High Roller 104ML - 36g (£669.99)

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