Apia Grandage STD.


A new and upgraded version of the Foojin'R range with some far superior features. The Grandage range is one of those that just fill you (and me) with confidence. Robust and elastic, they feel so, so solid. They don't technically look the lightest on paper, but superior balance ensures they're some of the easiest and nicest rods to use.

The Grandage range is designed with absolute casting distance which is aided by superior tip recovery.

76L: The 76L is one of the lightest in the range and is well suited to soft plastics and light plugs.

90ML: The 90ML is rated to 28 and easily fished every lure style from a Doomsday Laggin' Dragon to (just about) a Patchinko II. Slightly lighter action than the 96ML.

90M: The Grandage 90M is rated to 35g, this is a pumped up version of the brilliant 96ML. Brilliantly well built rods, you can probably blast nearly 40g on these. Great rods for a Savage Gear Sandeel or Patchinko II.

90M-5: The Grandage 90M-5 (5 section) is a high quality bass fishing travel rod. Combining the robustness and quality of the Grandage range with a multi-piece, compact rod and zip up travel case. Rated to 35g they'll handle any bass lure.

96ML: The 96ML is rated to 28 and easily fished every lure style from a Doomsday Laggin' Dragon to a Patchinko II.

96MH: A brilliantly balanced, light, powerful rod. For bigger lures from the shore, the Grandage 96MH will cope with anything up to some pretty substantial metals!

100M: The 100M is rated to 42 and is a heavier, longer all-rounder for when long distance or reach is required.

106MH: The Grandage 106MH is a long distance casting bass rod. Perfect for metal lures and plugs between 35g and 50g. Especially when lure fishing for bass in the surf.

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  • 86ML - 28g (£304.99)
  • 86MH - 45g (£319.99)
  • 90ML - 28g (£319.99)
  • 90M - 35g (£319.99)
  • 90M-5 - 35g (£349.99)
  • 96ML - 28g (£319.99)
  • 96MH - 50g (£339.99)
  • 100M - 42g (£349.99)
  • 106MH - 50g (£369.99)

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