DUEL is here!

We have a lot of new product ranges arriving during the year ahead, but not many as exciting as the Duel stuff.


Duel as a brand has been available in the UK for a long time, sold alongside their export brand, Yo-Zuri. They may have been dumped in the same bucket to a certain extent, but Duel is actually the parent company of Yo-Zuri, with the Yo-Zuri brand generally including their export product ranges. The Duel branded products are their true, Japanese range. Higher quality than Yo-Zuri, but affordable at the same time.

Duel are actually the World’s second largest lure manufacturer – behind Rapala. As a result of their size and associated production runs, they produce high quality lures at prices generally lower than equivalent competitors. Having said that, they’ve been expensive in the UK in years gone by and the range available has always been minimal.

However, from this year onwards there is a much larger range available to us, and the prices have all been reduced too!

I’m in love with the Silver Dog 90 surface lure already, and it will be a big seller for us this year. It’s worth checking out. The Hardcore Lipless Minnow 120 too is a brilliant, brilliant lure at a good price. There don’t seem to be many duds in the range actually. Plus, for me as a shop owner, I get a bit anal about things looking good on the wall. Not that it will ever help you catch more fish, but I love the Duel branding and how it makes the wall’s of the shop look good! 🙂


Before I go, check out the braids and leader materials too! Again, brilliant quality and value. I’ve been trying some of them out for the past 6 months or so and got on absolutely brilliantly with them.

See for yourself here: http://www.artoffishing.co.uk/duel