New Look Shop

As I write this, there is a still a lot of work to do on the shop but for those who have never had the pleasure of visiting the shop, or have never seen any pictures, here are just a couple of pics of what we’ve been up to down here. I’ll upload stacks more when things are finished as it will be a lot better at that point – with more lighting, brand logos and things will finally be finding their final positions, but it’s certainly not a bad place to work right now.

artoffishing shop






Before the LURE FESTIVAL in July, everything should be up to scratch and looking good, so be sure to pop by if you’re in the area and have a nose around. Wadebridge isn’t a bad place to be either…


Tales of Old.

I got in this morning to an old piece of paper with a note slipped through the shop letterbox. The elderly gent, Mr Bannerjee runs (or used to run I think) a fly fishing company and pops in from time to time to let me know whether he’s catching any fish on the river (Camel or Fowey I think). Although this old photo of a salmon was actually a Norwegian fish, the letter enclosed (initially to him) was from a lady who ran the North Cornwall Museum and Gallery in Camelford in 1994. I don’t know whether it’s still there? Anyway, Mr Bannerjee had donated some old gut-eye salmon flies to the museum and the lady – whose name was Sally Holden – had included this picture with her thanks. This was Sally’s mother with a fish that her father caught in 1949! Proper job!!!!!!! If only the Camel held fish like this. It’s always nice to hear about tales like this from days past. The fishing must have been incredibly special.


Our new website!

Good old Clint!
Good old Clint!

It’s nearly the end of March 2013, and while we approach another exciting year in Cornwall, it is also time for a clean start online.

We’re bound to have a few teething problems early on, and certainly there are things that we are going to be constantly working on to improve, but hopefully you’ll all like the new look and navigation for the new site. We design and build all of these kinds of things ourselves and its a long, hard process, so all we hope at the end of it is that people are happy with the results.

2014 really is going to be an exciting season for us. Mostly because we just love having new products arrive, and this year is going to be very much like that. We have obviously always been aware that there are some popular products out there that we’ve just not stocked before, or some that we have failed to keep in stock regularly – for one reason or another. 2014 however is the year where we are going to endeavour to keep our selection of stock high, and supply routes easier and more constant. Right now (March) it feels like we have less products on the website right now than we have at times in the past (our Spring sale’s cleared us out). Even just within the next few weeks though, we will see those product ranges rise. There are a lot of items right now that are out of stock, but at the same time it is also important for us to keep these on the site just so that anglers like yourself are aware that we do actually sell them and can get hold of them. There are a lot too that we’ve not had time to put up yet that we will be stocking as we go through the year. There are so many new products and brands coming this year! The truth is that we can get hold of most fishing tackle items out there, so it is always worth asking, even if you don’t see a particular item or brand on the website.

Anyway, I’m just finishing this article before we start pressing buttons to make the new site live.

Hope you enjoy…

Ben & Jo.