Cornish Lure Festival 2017 – New Date

Right! Have made some radical decisions for next year about the Lure Festival…. This year the bass fishing was very hard for the guys involved. While the species and especially the Wrasse sections grew massively and fished well, the bass section saw a decline in the number of fish caught (report to follow soon, I promise). When we first started the Festival there was a lot going on in September so avoided this time of year to save clashes. These days however, it’s flipped so everything’s happening in July. Regardless of the timing though, we’ve always been hugely aware that the bass fishing only gets better through the year. We even experience great sport down here in December or beyond. October is an absolutely prime month for us to run a bass fishing comp though and early July has become just a little too soon with the seasons apparently shifting to ensure good sport. The Wrasse and species anglers will also find October an extremely productive time, so really it works in everybody’s favour.

So, next year’s CLF will be run during the first full weekend of October (and this will become the standard). In 2017 this gives us the dates: October 6/7/8. The format will be the same although sign-in and presentation will be based around Wadebridge as a single sign in point (with a presentation venue to be arranged). I’m aware this will feel like an inconvenience for some and am aware that it will probably mean a drop in numbers fishing (anybody remember the good old days in St Merryn?!). The single sign-in point ensures a far more social atmosphere with excited anglers starting from one place at noon on Friday before bolting in their favoured directions – which is more of what we started the festival for in the first place.

Partly because I want to compensate entrants for the slight inconvenience (in a few cases) of travelling to Wadebridge and partly because I will be able to completely cut a lot of the costs involved in the Festival with regards to paying for venues and sorting loads of other things out, the entry fee is also being dropped to just £5 per person!

The Wrasse section was one thing that seemed to really pick up a LOT of momentum this year. Many bass anglers switched tactics to participate. Although we have no actual data, with the numbers of fish being reported it wouldn’t surprise me if we had more than 500 (FIVE HUNDRED) wrasse caught over the festival weekend this year! The one thing with the wrasse section however, is this simple fact that wrasse tend to get fatter, rather than longer. From a catch-and-release, length-based competition point of view this has always caused me headaches. The chance of ties occurring within the results is always likely – as it proved yet again this year. We need to minimise the chances of this, so…… I am introducing a new plan and a new initiative. WRASSEMASTER!

From now on the Wrasse category of the festival will not take just the longest fish caught as an entrants recorded capture, but the combined lengths of their longest FOUR fish (or however many you have if it’s less than that). This is a concept that we could always have used with the bass as well, but the thing with Wrasse is that they are all uniquely different in terms of colours and markings. This adds another exciting dynamic to the Wrasse category as a whole and paves the way for more Wrasse orientated competitions in future.

With that, October 2017 seems a VERY long way off for the next CLF. I’ll have something LRF based up my sleeve to fill the gap in between as well, but to fill the void and reduce the wait I am pleased to announce what will be our very first Cornish Wrassemaster Classic event, this year (2016) on the weekend of October 1st/2nd (one year ahead of CLF’17). With the nature of Wrasse fishing, this will likely just be a one day event and I still need to finalise a lot of thoughts I have in my head, but I’m excited by the 4 fish game and will do everything I can to make this an exciting and different event. I’m sure it will be the first of many. Entry again will be just £5.

More news and ideas to follow as I have them…

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