Cornwall LRF League – Round 4 (Mevagissey)

I felt a bit more prepared for this one. When this LRF thing first started properly for us in 2009, Mevagissey was the first place that I ever fished with this kind of tackle. I even remember the first session there, catching millions of pollack on 2″ Sawamura One-Up Shads. Even though I’ve only fished there infrequently over the past few years I feel like I know it reasonably well at least. So no need to stress about practising or rubbish like that.

This week I even tied a few rigs in advance. This is something I’ve been doing for almost the past 18 months now after discovering the Cralusso Fine Match Quick Swivel Snaps. I now tie one of these to the end of my braid, and simply switch rig types to my heart’s content – without having to re-tie or waste time while I’m fishing. Everything is done in advance. Apart from carrying a couple of spare swivels with me just in case I do lose the whole lot, I don’t even really need to take any extra line, clips or anything out to the coast with me. I have everything I need, already tied. I know some of our customers struggle with tying leader knots in very light braids, so these swivels will be your saviour. I just tie them to my braid using a Uni/Grinner knot (normally with doubled over braid and around 6 or 8 turns).

Mevagissey LRF

Anyway, with my rigs tied and a prior knowledge of what I might catch and where I might catch it, this was a very chilled out evening.

All of the guys were in good spirits as usual, and despite there only being 6 of us this week (which does nothing but add to the level of chilled banter and camaraderie). I’d some dressed expecting rain, head to toe in Shimano Goretex. Typically this had the reverse effect on what the weather Gods were supposed to be thinking and it stayed dry and mild all evening.

To cut the full story a little shorter, I got nicely lucky this week in the form of a couple of species that I’d not expected, or even realised were on my line. A mini bass showed up while I was trying for a mackerel, and a poor cod took a fancy for my Scorpion intended Isome. The latter didn’t feel the need to show any definitive form of bite whatsoever, so I just happened to find him on the end of my line when I went to lift off bottom. I fished a fairly heavy putty weight all evening and expect a lighter one fixed closer to the hook may have told me he was there a little sooner. I did rub my hands together a little bit once I’d hauled all 2oz of him up the harbour wall though. A nice addition to the four species I’d already caught at that point.

Poor Cod

To go backwards in time a couple of hours, I started with a little Ballan Wrasse on an Ecogearaqua bait, right down the inside on the outer wall. I spotted a little shoal of them and luckily caught this one on my first attempt at them. I was hoping he’d be followed by one or two of the other wrasse species, but they were weirdly difficult to catch during the evening, as we progressed.

Ballan Wrasse

Dragonettes are something that I first saw caught at Mevagissey during a Lure Festival evening that we had down there three or four years ago. Mostly out in front on the clean ground at that point, on tiny bits of Marukyu Isome, but it seemed that t
he likes of Luke, Simon, Will etc had since worked out that they could be caught at much closer quarters. Further along the outer wall from me I saw Luke land one so I followed suit under my rod tip doing the same and caught mine about 5 minutes later.


Funny, spiky little things (on top of the head), so be careful with these! With potential Mackerel, Pollack and Bass cruising the open water in front of us, I switched rigs and popped on a metal casting jig next, hoping for one of those mentioned. First cast I hit a pollack, so right about now I was thinking that maybe I’d do OK result wise.


I forget the ins and outs exactly but with lots of laughing in between, eventually I decided to have a go at a Blenny next. I’ve never caught many at Mevagissey but I do know where they hang out. Luckily there were more about than normal even and I could see them drifting about on the wall – a long way off the bottom – perhaps just a few feet below the waters surface. The bigger one of the group I was watching was far more interested in my weight than the lure, but eventually I annoyed him in to having it. Job done!


Then came the super-fluke Poor Cod and eventually… A BASS! A mackerel would have done just as well, but there’s something more exciting about the Bass. Tiny he may have been, but at least he was an intended target at the time.


With the tide ebbing I think we could all feel the fishing becoming a little harder as darkness drew closer. I was really happy with the end result. Mostly just because I’d had a relaxed evening and everything just seemed to work out for me. I won the round with my six species. 🙂

Luke Fox was second with 4 and Simon Knill just pipped Will Pender for third thanks to superior species points – both with 3 species.


Top 3

  1. Ben Field – Centre (6)
  2. Luke Fox – Left (3)
  3. Simon Knill – Right (3)


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