Multi-Species Fun – An Introduction to ‘LRF’

Ever thought about targeting anything other than Bass on lures? Tradition says that bait is the way to go, but modern (mostly Japanese) tackle opens up literally hundreds of exciting avenues to be explored by the forward thinking saltwater lure angler.

Pollack, Wrasse, Pout, Whiting, Codling, Bream, Flounder, Plaice, Rockling, even Gobies (plus about a billion other species) are all catchable on lures! Step one is as simple as stepping your tackle down. Reach for the small baits, light line and rods and get out there and have some proper fun! Proper job meht! Take the kids even?! This is way different to spinning a jelly eel – which may still be effective on it’s day (much like anything) – this fishing puts the emphasis on light, balanced tackle and FUN!

Time and time again I have spoken to anglers who praise the enjoyment of fishing ‘light’, yet in reality hardly any actually do it! Shame on you I say! Fooool (Mr-T stylee)! People are really missing out on some of the best fun available to the UK lure fisherman. We’re talking 4lb and 5lb lines here by the way, not your old 10lb stuff. Think coarse fishing, and then lighten it! Picture yourself on a rocky headland with a 2lb pollack going balistic, a big cheesy grin on your face, your rod bent double and your reels drag actually doing what it’s designed to do (for a change)! You’d be surprised at what the tackle can handle. Targeting anything that swims can be a seriously addictive, great fun and massively rewarding in the techniques and theories it teaches you. For many of us I think it probably takes us back to our roots – before it got too serious and ‘samey’. Fishing light and with total respect for any fish you catch (no matter how small) brings an opportunity to try and beat your own personal goals without being overly serious.

Targeting mini species (and some not so mini) is about the best practise of lure fishing techniques that you will find – and believe it or not is highly relevent to your bass fishing – so don’t write it off before you’ve tried it! As an example, last winter I spent many an evening/night fishing a Cornish harbour for tiny pollack using 4lb lines and small soft baits. Catching fish on light tackle adjusts you mentally to feeling for the tiny bites associated with small fish and broadens your understanding of hooking techniques and bait actions. Being able to often see the fish under harbour lights at night really shows you what a small fish thinks of your even smaller lure, and how it reacts to each twitch you impart on it. Where am I going with this?!… well, as soon as you go back to your ‘bass size’ baits, everything feels GIANT. Lines feel so direct – a 7g jighead all of a sudden feels like you’re fishing with a 2oz bomb, and the bites you feel (even though small in reality) are far more obvious than you’ll previously have experienced. ‘Light Rock Fishing (or LRF as the Japanese call it) really is the best bass fishing practise youll get! Far from just being ‘bass practise’ though, it’s a massive, massive laugh in it’s own right, which, afterall, is what fishing should always be about.

Watch this space for more info in future, or check out Keith White’s blog ( for numerous reports and valuable snippets of information on LRF. It’s very possibly the future of ‘fun’ fishing in the UK – so check it out. More doors are opening by the day so give it a whirl.

For a few bits to get you started you don’t need to look further than the range of Ecogear products. Check out the ‘Pocket In’ Mebaru and ‘Pocket In’ Kasago kits especially. These include a selection of baits and jigheads to suit all manner of species and conditions. Perfect for getting you started! Convenience to the extreme!

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