Rivalley RBB Light Fishing Bag – Preview

Rivalley are one of those Japanese companies that makes the highest quality items for very unique purposes and in unique time scales. The work on a seasonal basis, which means that some times they create products in just single production runs and when they’re gone, they’re gone! It’s brilliant, but also super annoying! Their last series of hip bags naturally gained themselves a quick reputation as the ultimate saltwater piece of luggage. And they no longer make them…

In to the latter part of 2015 and their Autumn/Winter range of products, they’ve released an equally high quality alternative. Typically well built (designed to last) and incredibly well thought out in terms of layout and features, this is their new “Light Fishing Bag” (code 8676).


Unlike the previous hip bag, this one is mostly for the LRF or perch anglers out there who want the best! They’re not cheap (circa £54.99) for a small bag, but anybody familiar with quality luggage from Simms, Fishpond or Patagonia won’t find it excessive when they understand the quality. If you want build quality it generally needs to be paid for.


The front compartment has a hard case cover. Since they came in to the shop a week or so ago I’ve been eyeing them up numerous times, trying to figure out firstly what I’d use them for (naturally they’ll make superb bass bags too if you don’t want to carry much – for those short sessions) and then where I would put what! So many options with that hardcase front and foam board insert.


The fact they’re available in 3 colours too will naturally appeal to any proper tarts out there that need their luggage to match their rod, reel, jacket etc!



Anyway, you can see more info HERE.

Winter greyness and big seas!

This year has really flown by. We’ve had a few weeks of it now, but it’s evident from being in the shop and talking to anglers that the blowy conditions we’ve been having of late have really put a dampner on the last part of the bass season for us.

I’m sure our catching season has changed over the decade or so that I’ve been lure fishing. While I used to start going out in March and winding things down by the end of November, it’s very much a May to December/early January season for us (from the shore) these days in North Cornwall. To back that up it is evident that there are still plenty of fish to be caught out there – while the water temperature hold itself up – but howling winds and big seas have hampered the efforts of many anglers. Although I bet the bass are loving it!

This week I popped out for a little look just down the road from home. An incredibly grey day to be taking any photos on, but it gives you an idea. Defin
itely a day for wrapping up warm, holding on to your hat and getting your best pout on!



And this is actually one of the more sheltered bays locally…





It’s not often I get scared when creeping right to the edge of sheer cliffs to have a peak over (always on the lookout for fishing spots), but the wind was blowing to the degree that I had to stand back a bit to ensure I wasn’t taken over the edge! A lovely days for a walk though and at times I wished I had a rod with me, but any time a set wave came through I know I’d have been a gonna!




It’s a real shame that it has been so rough – from a fishing point of view. That said, there is one bay locally where it may be just about fishable when the sea gets big, but even that would be a 10′ rod and 42g Savage Eel type of session. Could be fun though, and this is the time of year to snag one of those big fish that may be poking around so maybe over the next couple of Sunday’s I’ll get out to have a go for a couple of hours!