Second LRF Comp, First Win!

Three weeks ago now, a motley crew of us fished what was the first round of the 2016 Cornish LRF League. My report on that one is here, but jumping forward a couple of weeks we’ve now successfully completed round two.


Fowey is one of those places that I love for this style of fishing. It’s a beautiful town with numerous walls, pontoons and rocky outcrops. You can walk through the pretty streets, stop for a pint and catch a few fish all at the same time. The fishing can be absolutely brilliant too! The weather and atmosphere for round two was exactly as you’d want it to be. The evening was calm and quiet. No wind at all, hardly a “sole” wandering the town… It was dry, calm and peaceful. All apart from the nine reprobates that had turned up to catch some fish. Even Phil from Louvine in France had come over for a few days to see how we catch ’em. That was the plan anyway…


To cut a very dull story short, the fishing was diabolically hard! The tides were good. The weather was perfect. The company couldn’t have been bettered. But the fish just weren’t there. We fish for three hours, and after nearly two of those I think Bruce Fisher was the first to finally catch a fish (a nice little Ballan). I think he probably danced a jig in his head, as he like the rest of us was probably starting to predict that that one fish would win it!


After round one when I’d annoyed myself by trying too many things and just spending way too much time faffing about, I decided in Fowey that I’d just stick to the one little area that I know best and really just try and stay comfortable and content. Just like last time, winning wasn’t really the aim (although a lovely bonus) but fourth place was a nice target to aim for against the guys who were there. This one was a “length” round (1cm = 1 point) with bonuses for species caught and for catching the largest of each of those.


Luke had headed off further around the corner to try for some wrasse, while some of the boys split to a different section in the town so the four of us who stayed on the wall we were on didn’t really know what was happening elsewhere. Naturally you just assume that they’re all catching fish though.

Eventually I had a massive run of luck. While I’m not a great species hunter, I can catch pollack. Over a 20 minute spell I eventually managed to land four of them – the first going a respectable 34cm. I’ve never played a fish so limply in my life! We’d all gotten to the point where just landing a single fish of any kind was all we wanted to do. A run of three more quickly followed and I was lucky in that nobody else on the wall was having any joy.


We’d all seen a few micro flounder but having them take anything was the tricky bit. Will James eventually caught the decent scorpion fish that he’d been trying for for a while. Obviously come the end I was happy that length wise it looked
like I’d topped our little group on the wall. Although right place and right time had a lot to do with it I think. Inevitably thoughts of how many massive wrasse, pollack, mackerel and bass, Luke had caught around the corner prevented a more intense delight at the time though.

As it turned out back on the quay afterwards, Luke had caught exactly the same as me. Length wise he was a touch short of my 89cm, but it turned out his biggest fish beat mine, so another 10 bonuses were added to his score. It was bum-cheek clinchingly close, but I’d beaten him by just two points at the end (99 vs. 97 once bonuses were applied). I was hugely relieved that I got a decent result on the board as I know already that the following species-hunting rounds will be my downfall. Hayle is the next one on June 8th. Just let me know if you’d like any more info – everybody is welcome. I should probably follow my own advise this time. Having never fished down there properly before I will go for a little play beforehand. Also stick to my preferred split-shot rig.



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