Spro Bottom Jigs – In Detail.

Every so often, a product comes along that genuinely is a little bit different from the norm. A product that makes fishing easier and simplifies our tackle choices.

In the shop over the past 12 months, the one thing that everybody has been asking for more and more is weedless jigheads. Getting hold of anything but a few sizes has always been really tricky though, and most manufacturers don’t make them in a lot of the sizes that anglers really want. The hook sizes or weights are always too big or too small.

Now though, Spro have come up with the perfect solution! And it’s more than just a weedless jighead…

They basically consist of a round ball lead with a slit running through the middle. In to this is inserted a very tight “paper clip” type bit or wire. The fit is very tight so it doesn’t move. On to this you can mount any hook that you choose – whether it’s a size 6 weedless hook, or a 6/0 straight shanked Aberdeen. Or anywhere in between! They’ll be most popular with weedless (worm) hooks, but the point is that you can use any hook you like! The wire that runs through the centre is fine enough to accept all normal hook types with ease.

Here’s how they work:

Spro Bottom Jig wire

Spro Bottom Jig Step 2

Spro Bottom Jig inserting

Spro Bottom Jig

Spro Bottom Jig rigging

The other thing about this style of link is that unlike standard weedless jigheads where you try to push the soft plastic up against the lead itself, the fact that there is an articulated gap is a good thing when flexibility/movement of the lure in concerned. Just one type of retrieve that this benefits is an idea that I first came across a idea few years back when I started playing with the Fish Arrow lures. One of their videos showed a lure being nose hooked on a wacky style jighead, and then fished with a constant wiggle of the rod tip (I’d always done this a lot with LRF to be honest, but this jighead style adds another dimension). With the lead sat away from the nose of the lure and this twitching motion, it really gets the lure rolling and moving in a way that you can’t achieve with a standard jighead. Check it out below (jump to about 50 seconds):

Inexperienced anglers may look at it and think to themselves, “that looks weird” (with the gap between head and plastic). If you think about it through, as soon as you turn it even just a few degrees off side-on, the gap disappears. From a fishes point of view a) they don’t seem to care anyway (certainly the excellent TT Snake Head jigs prove that point), and b) they’re not going to be sat looking at it side on, even if they did care. They’ll be underneath it or behind it.

That said, that is just the “bonus” feature… Of course, the Bottom jigs will be ideal for all of your standard types of retrieve as well! With sizes going down to just 1.5g, they will suit you, whether you’re a bass angler who fishes shallow, rocky ground, or a perch angle
r on the canal! And stepping up eventually (through 3g, 5g, 7g, 10g, 14g) to 18g weights, they will cover most of what we do – especially from the shore!

I’ll certainly be using these a lot these year, even for Wrasse fishing. The only time I would choose a standard jighead through preference to one of these would be when I’m swimming a lure back with more aggressive, darting twitches (where the fixed nature of the head will get the lure darting more effectively). Or when I need to use more than 18g.

You can now check them out on the website here: Spro Bottom Jig.