Tales of Old.

I got in this morning to an old piece of paper with a note slipped through the shop letterbox. The elderly gent, Mr Bannerjee runs (or used to run I think) a fly fishing company and pops in from time to time to let me know whether he’s catching any fish on the river (Camel or Fowey I think). Although this old photo of a salmon was actually a Norwegian fish, the letter enclosed (initially to him) was from a lady who ran the North Cornwall Museum and Gallery in Camelford in 1994. I don’t know whether it’s still there? Anyway, Mr Bannerjee had donated some old gut-eye salmon flies to the museum and the lady – whose name was Sally Holden – had included this picture with her thanks. This was Sally’s mother with a fish that her father caught in 1949! Proper job!!!!!!! If only the Camel held fish like this. It’s always nice to hear about tales like this from days past. The fishing must have been incredibly special.