Fish Arrow

An essential item for any bass lure angler. This is basically a lead wire with exactly the right diameter and suppleness for wrapping around your hooks. They've even worked out how much you'll need! Useful for hard or soft lures. For weedless soft plastics simply wrap a section around the hook shank to give an adjustable belly weight. Add more or less weight, and you can obviously move it backwards or forwards too. For hard lures you can easily turn a floating lure in to a suspending model by wrapping the correct amount of wire around the shank of the middle treble. This is especially useful when you want to twitch and pause a lure as the lure will hold its position in the water column after a coupe of harsh twitches. Killer!

Tungsten Nail Weights - 1.4g Tungsten Nail Weights - 1.4g
Pack size: 9


Tungsten Nail Weights - 1.8g Tungsten Nail Weights - 1.8g
Pack size: 7


Tungsten Nail Weights - 2.2g Tungsten Nail Weights - 2.2g
Pack size: 6


UV Light - Gold UV Light - Gold


Wire Sinker Wire Sinker
Pack size: 1


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