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AOFUK CLF Species / Wrasse (7/8/9 July 2017)

  • New CLF Species / Wrasse (7/8/9 July 2017)
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This year we have split our Cornish Lure Festival in to two phases:

1) July 7/8/9 - Species/Wrasse.

2) October 6/7/8 Bass.

ON THIS PAGE YOU CAN PURCHASE TICKETS FOR EVENT ONE (1) - Species/Wrasse. There are no actual tictets as such, but your name(s) will simply be added to the list so that you're on when you sign-in.

Bass tickets will be online closer to the time.

As always the fishing area is the ENTIRE coastline of Cornwall - so there will always be some shelter to be had somewhere. 

This is a Rockfish event - LRF Species Hunt (1) and Wrasse comp (2). Running side by side but anglers can enter both for the single £15 entry charge. ALL entry monies will be paid out in tackle prizes, with additions from sponsors TAILWALK and FISH ARROW! Under 18's fish for free - so bring the kids!

The species hunt format remains the same as previous years but there will be extra prizes for anglers who catch the largest of any particular species (so this possibly means 20+ extra prizes that could go to absolutely anybody). So it'll be worth measuring your bigger ones if you want to qualify for prizes - this is just a bit of fun on the side to spread things around a bit.

The wrasse event is no longer about one single fish taking the prize but the COMBINED total length of your FOUR biggest fish. Although there will be a prize for the largest overall too. Remember to make measurements accurately. This could come down to the wire! A live results board at the presentation will inform you and others where you're at.

There is now just a single sign-in and presentation point in WADEBRIDGE. I'm aware that numbers will drop as a result of this, but the most fun events we had were always the first couple in St Merryn. The benefits of having everybody in one place to start and finish the weekend are enormous in terms of bringing exactly the kind of atmosphere and competition that I always wanted to run when we first started. I'd like to go back to that. Plus, lots don't realise just how fantastic the local north coast actually is when it comes to species and bass fishing alike! Last year was phenomenal while other parts of the county struggled. Believe me, this is a good thing.

Presentations on the Sundays will likely be somewhere nice in Wadebridge that will accommodate us. Somewhere with food, drink and space to mingle. Probably the pub.

There will be food and drink in the shop (or possibly a local pub/cafe/restaurant) from before 11am on the Friday so that folks can chill out, share stories and relax a bit before the 12 noon dash to get fishing.

Depending on where people are mostly staying, I'd also like to organise (weather permitting perhaps) a big BBQ on a nice beach somewhere - again so that entrants can catch-up, compare catches or stories and just really make the most of the weekend in Cornwall. Naturally this will be close to some fishy looking water too.

BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE. And if you have any questions, just ask!