Cultiva Twistlock TL-11


This bass hook is Unique with its Twist LOCK Centring-Pin Spring (CPS – patent pending) attached to the hook eye. Baits can be permanently secured by inserting the pin in the centre of the nose of a soft plastic, which can then be twisted (screwed) onto the Twist LOCK coil spring so that any bait will rig perfectly every time! Hook’s open gap allows for more positive and effective hook sets. Ideal for weedless-style Carolina Rig’n and Texas Rig’n of big tube baits and beefy soft plastics. Features include a 30°eye-bend, XXX-strong forged shank, Super Needle Point, and black chrome finish. Four each per pack except 6/0 is 3 each.

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  • Pack size: 3 (max)