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Daiwa are a phenomenal UK fishing tackle company. Masters of the coarse and carp market, they also make some great lure fishing tackle.

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Daiwa is an absolutely massive Japanese fishing tackle manufacturer. Operating in the UK as Daiwa Sports Ltd, their main market is the match and carp market, but coverage is also there with high quality products within the game, sea and lure fishing disciplines.


Daiwa Sports UK - Scotland

The UK division of Daiwa is based in Scotland, not too far from Glasgow. Unlike many tackle brands available in the UK today, Daiwa are one of the few who famously still manufacture a lot of their highest quality products here. Reels and many of the lower priced (or Japanese) items are still imported but if you want UK build and quality, Daiwa are the ones to do it!


Daiwa Catalogue 2019

As we go through 2019 our Daiwa fishing tackle range will be improving week on week. Contact us for the latest info or prices.

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