Daiwa BG

The Daiwa BG (Black Gold) is legendary. New as of a couple of years ago, initially I ignored them. Eventually I stuck one on an order sheet and when they arrived and I loaded one with line, I couldn't believe how good they were. Looking in to things further, their reputation now actually goes Worldwide. Look to the US for recommendations and you'll see nothing but incredible feedback and details video explanations of what makes them so great. It's no trick, these are very, very special. The reason for that reputation is mostly to do with how powerful and robust they are. Reliable, saltwater worthy reels. These are standard Daiwa sizes, so if you're matching one with a roughly 8'-9' then go for the 2500. 9'6"+ or heavier, shorter rods will call for the 3000. 

Daiwa BG

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