Fish Arrow Airbag Bug 2"

  • -65% Airbag Bug 2"

Very special lures! Designed as a small surface popper with buggy style, silicone legs, it's appeal is obvious. Fish on a light line with a light rod for warmer water topwater fun! This is the 2", chubby version.

HOWEVER!.... Think outside the box a little and you have a brilliant, floating lure to fish on a light jighead. The air filled body pops them up off the bottom, and combined with a Fish Arrow J Head, you have a weedless, tungsten NED style combo. The legs on the lure will also help slow the fall, making it superb in shallower water. That said, with lures like this you can always customise them by trimming the legs to suit your own preferences or requirements! Very versatile, and we think the big perch are going to love them!

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Ben says:
"Ned rig alternative."

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  • Type: Realistic
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