Fish Arrow Flash J Shad 2"

Oh my! Realistic and hard wearing! It's hard to pick a feature that outdoes the realistic appearance of these lures, despite there being a lot of cleverness built in to the design. It's the most realistic I've ever seen! The slender tail ensures that the lure works even at very slow speeds.

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Well before we stocked these I was hearing numerous success stories from anglers using the Flash J in all shapes and sizes. This 2 inch size is a perfect LRF and Perch crossover. I've seen photos of 4lb+ perch taken on them (although I'd check out the 3's and 4's if this is your main aim) and they will make the most perfect little LRF paddle tail out there! Especially on days when the water is clear and the sun is shining.

More durable than any realistic imitation I've yet seen. Perfect!

Sit them on any of the Fish Arrow jigheads! They really do go well.

Please note that the lure itself, for some reason, actually measures closer to 2.5 inches than just 2.

8 per pack

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