Fish Arrow Flash J Split SW 7"


Brilliant! These were exactly what we were missing... The Flash J range has always been brilliant. The standard 5" lure is actually one of our best selling and most successful bass lures ever. Nothing swims unaided quite like them.

The Flash J Split in these two bigger sizes (5" and 7") are new for us in 2018. They're a softer material than the pin tail original, and the forked tail gives them a much bigger "whoooosh" when twitched on the retrieve. That said, they also have all of the same benefits of the original pin tail in that even on a straight retrieve they have their own 'S', slalom style swimming action. There have been so many bass caught on these lures now.

Rigging: These need a slightly wider gape than the Owners we may put with a DoLive Stick or similar. They've a fatter body so I'd tend to recommend putting them with the Owner TL-11 or TL-12 in a 6/0 on the 7". I dare say, I possibly even prefer them on the Owner Beast hooks. 6/0 for the 7". It looks a massive hook but rigs up nicely. The worst thing you can do with a weedless hook is go too small or for one with too narrow a gape. Try a weighted hook if you want to twitch the lure more. Go without if you prefer a straighter, more subtle retrieve.

Working it: Very versatile, which is what perhaps makes them my preferred option over the pin tail version. You can swim them straight to achieve that same slalom motion, or twitch them about which much more of a flicky tail. They're winners whatever you do with them.

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Ben says:
"My word! Heavier and more whippy than the standard 5"."

  • Length: ()
  • Weight: 20.1g
  • Type: Split Tail
  • Pack size: 3