Fish Arrow Flash J Straight 5"


This is one of those lures that you MUST see in the flesh. When they first came in, they immediately jumped out as what could potentially be a brilliant lure around us in the estuary. The slim sandeel profile will be just perfect rigged on a lightweight jighead for either swimming or bumping across the sand. Everything about them is perfect for this type of application - whether it's the way they look (super real), the way they feel (tough but flexible) and the way they fish (incredibly natural). A must have for any bass angler fishing calmer waters, whether it's over sand or rock.

Rigging: If you want perfection, the Owner Jig Head JH-10 in 1/0 (1.8g) is brilliant.

Working it: The light weight of the JH-10 aids stability more than casting weight, but the upwards facing eye means that on a straight retrieve you can just treble the rod tip to really get the lure rolling and flashing. They just look perfect! Either allow the lure to hit bottom and twitch upwards before allowing the lure to sink once more before repeating (expect hits on the drop), or fish on a constant twitchy retrieve. Racing the lure near the surface may work well too, especially if the water is warmer and the fish are hungry.

Tips: You'll need a light rod and line to get the best from them.

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Ben says:
"If there was ever an eel imitation, this is IT!"

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  • Weight: 4.7g
  • Type: Realistic
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