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Gamakatsu G-Power Premium Braid Neo

Super robust and incredibly supple. There's ZERO memory when you pull this one off the spool. For a line in the £20 class it's absolutely phenomenal. That softness gives brilliant casting, yet there's enough to it to provide good abrasion resistance too. This one is set to be extremely popular once more anglers a start to get their hands on it! Bright yellow colour.

Gamakatsu G-Power Premium Braid Neo

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Japanese brand, Gamakatsu say:

The G-Power Premium Braid Neo is braided from a unique, advanced type of polyethylene fibres to create a perfectly round line with a high breaking strength to diameter ratio. The new ultra-pitch braiding structure makes that the line feels smoother. This reduces the friction, abrasion and noise on the line roller of the reel and in the guides on the rod to a minimum.

The line itself is super sensitive and accurately passes every single nibble to the bait, alerting the angler to strike. The perfect balance of suppleness and comfortable stiffness of this line makes it effortless to cast and tangle-free too. A premium braided line, manufactured and spooled in Japan! Available on spools of 135m and 2000m.

Colour: Moss Green and FLUO Yellow.

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