Gamakatsu Areatry 64ul 1.92m

The Gamakatsu Areatry is specifically designed for ultra lightweight trout fishing. These rods come with high quality Fuji components and have a very subtle and parabolic action to enhance casting performance with ultra lightweight lures. Another big advantage is the fact that small or cautious trouts feel little resistance when nibbling your bait, which gives you more time to set the hook succesfully.

24386 60060XUL1,80m0,96m95gr0,8-4,0gr2
24386 60160UL1,80m0,96m95gr0,8-7,0gr2
24386 60260L1,80m0,96m95gr1-10gr2
24386 64064UL1,92m1,00m100gr0,8-7,0gr2
24386 66066L1,98m1,03m103gr1-10gr2
24386 68068ML2,04m1,07m106gr4-14gr2
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