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Gosen Max Beat PE - 150m

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  • #0.6 PE
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Max Beat is the best value braid we've had. Far more reliable than most, the range covers everything from LRF to bassin'&wrassin'!

It's a quality 4 strand braid, perfect for all rugged fishing situations. I've used the 2PE from the boat quite a lot and although always reliable, it was probably overkill. The 1.5PE although "only" rated at 17lb is one of those braids that genuinely does what it says on the tin. You'll be hard pushed to have this one let you down!

The 0.6PE (9lb) option is the most perfect, cheap LRF or dropshot braid! Highly recommended!

  • 0.6 PE = 9lb
  • 1.2 PE = 15lb
  • 1.5PE = 17lb
  • 1.75 PE = 19lb

Colour: light green.