Gosen X8 Braid 150m - 25lb, #1.2PE


I first fished with a sample of this earlier in the year. It took a while to get hold of following that but it's been incredibly high on my priorities list all year. What I'd found was a pretty much perfect 8 strand braid! Very possibly my favourite ever to be honest.

Supple, smooth and durable. It doesn't hang in the wind too much and really just never, ever let me down. I can't recommend this one more highly. The colour is great too! I've always had a thing for pink braids. This one has white markers every 4m. When you're using a braid that doesn't have this kind of feature you don't really think about it, but the benefit I find is that it makes it incredibly easy to judge how fast your lure is moving or how quickly you're retrieving. You can watch the line markers as they come back through the rod guides. A tiny thing, but I like it.

  • 0.6PE - 14lb Max. (Great summer LRF braid)
  • 0.8PE - 16lb Max. (Perfect for light bass work, especially with light SPs)
  • 1.0PE - 20lb Max. (Lightweight bass braid)
  • 1.2PE - 25lb Max. (All-round lightweight bass braid)
  • 1.5PE - 30lb Max. (Ideal for general hard or soft lures to 30g).
  • £29.99

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Ben says:
"Smoothest, most supple braid we've sold."