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There is nowhere on British shores where you will find anglers speaking more passionately or in such detail about fishing rods. Since we opened in 2010 we have learnt from a customer's point of view just how difficult it is to make informed decisions when buying rods online. Manufacturers seem to have their own way of rating things and generic descriptions don't help at all. We've done as much as we can here (although there's much, much more to come) to help guide you through the specifications and action of every rod we stock to ensure that you don't end up buying something that just isn't what you expected it to be.

We'll have various amounts of information to add to the site shortly. Browse the "rods" category to compare those that are most relevant to your style of fishing. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us for further advice.

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Torium 16HG (Left-hand Model)

The Lightweight Torium is a solidly-built star-drag saltwater reel perfect for live bait or bottom-f..

£139.99 £184.99

Ambassadeur 6500C3 Classic

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 Reel. The world's bestselling baitcasting reel, combining Swedish eng..

£89.99 £139.99

Fathom 15 Star Drag

Penn Fathom 15 Star Drag Reel. The Fathom Star Drag is constructed with a full metal body and sidepl..

£109.99 £189.99

SL20SH Sealine Slosh

Daiwa SL20SH Sealine Slosh Multiplier Reel. The SL20SH and SL30SH have such a cult following amongst..

£64.99 £159.99

Spinfisher 3500

The Spinfisher is one used and recommended by a LOT of the commercial rod and line anglers locally. ..


Black Gold 3000 Black Gold 3000

This comprehensive range of BG reels sweeps across the size mix, offering the same combination of de..


Nasci 2000S FB HG

Brilliant ultralight reels. They're really, really smooth and the shallow spool is ideal for light b..


Line-Thru Sandeel 11cm

Brand new smaller size! Occasionally, Savage Gear really pull a classic lure out of the bag. This li..


Fluorocarbon 25m

Great quality, supple fluorocarbon leader from Japanese experts, Gamakatsu. Perfect in the finer dia..

£3.99 £4.99

Dialuna S S900ML MB Dialuna S S900ML MB

A PROPER travel, bass spinning rod. 9' and rated to 28g, this is a sublime 4 section rod that feels ..

£249.99 £274.99