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Aqua Mini Bottle Aqua Mini Bottle

A specialised container to store the smaller of the EcogearAqua lures - Straw Tail and Katsu. Watert..

£0.99 £3.99

Salt Special Heavy SV-62

Strong and reliable saltwater hardy jigheads. Large lead lure holder keeps lures extremely well in p..

£2.99 £5.49

Whicky Head Whicky Head

The Fish Arrow Whicky Head is something a little different! Designed in Japan for fishing lures "Wha..

£1.99 £5.50

Ambassadeur 6500C3 Classic

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500 C3 Reel. The world's bestselling baitcasting reel, combining Swedish eng..

£89.99 £139.99

b4 "befo" Light Game bFO-68S b4 "befo" Light Game bFO-68S

We first bought Tict rods to the UK in around 2011. I've always absolutely loved them. The brand new..

£149.99 £239.99

Beads B1

Durable prism beads designed for use as part of a Texas rig, especially for wrasse. Their benefits a..

£1.99 £3.99

Drop Shotz

Perfect non-toxic, stealthy dropshot weights in two colours from Anchor. Black or dark green. 3 or 4..

£1.99 £2.99

Fathom 15 Star Drag

Penn Fathom 15 Star Drag Reel. The Fathom Star Drag is constructed with a full metal body and sidepl..

£109.99 £189.99

Insync 2.0 802S LRC M 38g Insync 2.0 802S LRC M 38g

I love the Insync 2.0's. There is no European rod that is so similar to the high quality Tenryu Inje..

£99.99 £139.99

Insync 2.0 LRC 904S MH 75g Insync 2.0 LRC 904S MH 75g

Travel models from the brilliant Insync 2.0 range. Just like cheaper versions of the Tenryu Injectio..

£114.99 £149.99

M-Caro Type L M-Caro Type L

Slower sinking than the equivalent lead weight, the Caro rig is a clever one for fishing light lures..

£4.99 £6.99

Majikeel Shad Tail 5" Majikeel Shad Tail 5"

Taking the concepts of attracting and making a cocktail that is the success of the Majikeel, here is..

£2.49 £5.99

Moonwalker 106M-ti Surf

Considering the length and power of this rod, it's genuinely the lightest, nicest 10'+ rod I've ever..

£259.99 £349.99

Moonwalker 86L-ti River

8'6" was for a very long time the length of choice for anybody who wanted an all-round bass rod. Sho..

£239.99 £319.99

Moonwalker AJ 64/SL-ti

Very possibly one of the nicest LRF rods we've ever stocked. There's a reason for it that may not su..

£179.99 £299.99

-9% New
Shore Game 93

PRE-ORDER NOW! Be the first to receive one of these fantastic new rods. Orders will be shipped Monda..

£309.99 £339.99

Short Pike DJ-77 Short Pike DJ-77

A great all-round jigging hook for either vertical or casting jigs.#1 and 1/0 = 5 per pack. 2/0 = 4 ..

£2.99 £4.99

SL20SH Sealine Slosh

Daiwa SL20SH Sealine Slosh Multiplier Reel. The SL20SH and SL30SH have such a cult following amongst..

£64.99 £159.99

Slow Tune Assist

Double assist hooks attached to a solid ring. Insane quality. L size comes with approximately siz..

£2.99 £4.99

Tobicalo CS-1B

Super Caro style casting weights. Silicone sleeves hold weight in position on your line. These can b..

£1.49 £3.99

Torium 16HG (Left-hand Model)

The Lightweight Torium is a solidly-built star-drag saltwater reel perfect for live bait or bottom-f..

£139.99 £184.99

Treble Safety Covers

The Meiho Safety Covers clip on to your treble hooks to cover the points and make them safe for tran..

£1.49 £2.49

Weedless Hooks

Value pack of weedless hooks. Perfect for wrasse fishing when you might lose a few!5 per pack...

£0.99 £1.99

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