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Light Rock Fishing (LRF)

When we opened in 2010, LRF (Light Rock Fishing) was a tiny, new niche, apparently only recognised by tackle tarts who liked catching gobies. Of course this wasn't the truth but perceptions have changed so much that LRF today is a mainstream lure fishing discipline which covers tactics essential for catching various species on lures.

Light Rock Fishing (LRF)

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What is LRF?

LRF stands for "Light Rock Fishing". The term itself doesn't mean much and has no direct relevance to "rock" fishing (you can do it almost anywhere). Light Rock Fishing (LRF) was actually a name devised by tackle brand, Daiwa for their ultralight saltwater fishing range. The more universal name for this type of fishing is really "Light Game Fishing". It just so happens that the UK started this type of fishing by using the LRF name (it does have a ring to it) so we've continued ever since. Technically, all of what we're really doing is light game fishing, and includes elements of Japanese Aji and Mebaru fishing which both come under the light game banner.

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