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Clips & Bits

We can get quite specific with the types of lure clips we use for bass - or whether we use one at all. Personally, I'm a fan. I never feel the need to chop and change lures all that often, but I like the simplicity of being able to attach or remove a lure quickly and easily when needed. Some are better suited to fishing with plugs, others soft plastics. Finding a clip that you like can be one of the most challenging tackle elements. We've found the best and stuck with them. 

Clips & Bits

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EZ-Lock Snap EZ-Lock Snap
Cox&Rawle EZ-Lock Snap


Agrafe Rapide Inox Agrafe Rapide Inox


-50% Final Keeper Jig Final Keeper Jig
439BMR Final Keeper Jig

£1.00 £1.99

-50% Final Keeper SS Final Keeper SS
439BMR Final Keeper SS

£1.00 £1.99

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