Gosen X8 Braid

The best braided line we've ever sold? Super supple and incredibly smooth, feedback on the Gosen X8 is 100% positive. Thin, strong and smooth, it's a reliable option that matches perfectly with any high-end reel. The #1.2PE (25lb) option is your all-rounder, so you can go more or less from there if you need more or less strength/durability. The line itself is a subtle pink, with a white marker every 4m. This is a useful feature as you can trace the retrieve speed of any lure much more easily.

Gosen X8 Braid

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X8 Braid 150m - 14lb, #0.6PE X8 Braid 150m - 14lb, #0.6PE


X8 Braid 150m - 16lb, #0.8PE X8 Braid 150m - 16lb, #0.8PE


-30% X8 Braid 150m - 25lb, #1.2PE X8 Braid 150m - 25lb, #1.2PE

£22.99 £32.99

-30% X8 Braid 150m - 30lb, #1.5PE X8 Braid 150m - 30lb, #1.5PE

£22.99 £32.99

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