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Fish Arrow Air Bag Minnow 3''

Ben says:
"Try these Ned rigged! You'll be amazed."

  • Length: 3" (75mm)
  • Weight: 1.8g
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Type: Realistic
  • Pack size: 8

  • £8.49

  • Availability: 3
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  • #03 - Neon Green/Silver
  • #06 - Kosan Ayu/Silver
  • #07 - Wakasagi/Silver


Perfectr for the "Ned Rig"! An absolutely superb, slim eel type lure. The special features of this one is the hollow belly. This creates a floating lure, not necessary to be fished on the surface, but more importantly, when lightly weighted (or otherwise) it gives it a slower fall and stands up off the bottom. Floating lures are also perfect for Carolina rigs. I'll fish these a lot on jigheads lighter than about 1/6oz (4.75g) and with a hook size of around a 1/0. The TT Head Hunter jigheads are perfect! They'll sit perfectly too on a TT Lures HWS jig for superb finesse presentation. Try Dropshotting them too! Hugely versatile in reality!

8 per pack.