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Megabass Zonk 120

Ben says:
"High frequency vibration like nothing else."

  • Length: 4.8" (120mm)
  • Weight: 20g
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Diving Depth: 1.2m
  • Type: Plug

  • £22.99

  • Availability: 2
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Who comes up with a name like 'Zonk'?! It's brilliant!

The Megabass Zonk provides us with something a little bit different and special. It catches loads of fish, and there are a couple of things about it that could be explain why....

First is the carbon bib. Being thin and strong it creates an insane amount of vibration in the lure that you will feel feeding back though your braided mainline. This amount of vibration under the water from this alone will attract attention to your lure from any bass in the area but when you combine it with a decent amount of wobble and roll AND the special hole that it has running down it's back to cause even more turbulance, you have a lure that will never fail in making itself known.

It is best fished in almost a 'sink and draw' style. The Zonk is a slow sinking lure (my favourite type!) and is best retrieved in short bursts, then allowed to slowly sink backwards - backwards in to the open mouths of any following fish!

Finished in the standard Megabass style, if ever a lure were worth it's price tag....!