Major Craft Triple Cross EU Custom


The Major Craft Triple Cross range takes off where the Skyroad left off. They have however worked on the durability of the carbons involved to produce a more reliable blank and better fishing rod - especially within the EU Custom ranges.

902ML: 9'0" rated to 30g. The lighter all-rounder in the range. The one to pick if you fish a lot of unweighted plastics or plugs up to about 23g.

962ML: 9'6" rated to 30g. As above, but one for those who need more rod length. I'd usually recommend the 9 footer unless you're fishing rough seas or windier conditions where you need more line control.

962M: 9'6" rated to 42g. The rod to buy if you want both a little more length and a bit more power. Extra grunt for pushing a lure in to the wind, and extra tip stiffness to make working a plug or metal easier.

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  • TCX-902ML - 30g
  • TCX-962ML - 30g
  • TCX-962M - 42g

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