Marukyu Isome - Medium, Pink


These are the closest ragworm imitations I've seen! Having unleashed them on various fish populations they have been one of my best catchers over this winter's LRF sessions. So good that you can just leave them sit still and still get bites, they'll take almost any species - including Flounder.

On the back of a Mepps spinner for example they have been taking some great mullet down here in Cornwall. They really are an all-rounder and will save you getting your hands messy.

I fish them either on a fine jighead or 'wacky' style. I recommend the Xesta Slow Down for swimming them , or the Xesta Diver Down for fishing them on the bottom. Just over 3'' long out of the packet (of 15), they can even be cut in to smaller segments to suit the job in hand.

Marukyu's comments:

A easy to use ISOME (sand worm) hook bait made from biodegradable material,that looks and feels like the real thing. It is enhanced with extracts that attract fish and made with a lifelike shape and feel for amazing results.It is also able to used for a wide variety of fish and conditions. Made with a sweet smell it is gentle on the angler too. Safe at room temperature it is easily stored for use at anytime.

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Ben says:
"The one and only species-hunter worth having."

  • Length: 4" (100mm)
  • Weight: Unmeasured
  • Type: Biodegradable
  • Pack size: 15