Maximus High Energy-Z


The High Energy-Z range from Maximus set a new precedent for bass rods in the £100+ price bracket. The design is incredibly Japanese with matte carbon wraps, great reel seat and bling in all the right places. The rods aren't too fast like some, making them forgiving, easy to fish and lovely to play fish on. It also increases their versatility, coping well with lighter lures as well as heavier ones. These rods remind me a little of the Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Seabass in that they're such incredibly easy rods to use.

27M: 7-35g, 9'0". All-round, light bass rods suiting any bass angler, no matter how experienced. Rated to 35g it will suit the vast majority of bass lures we use in normal conditions today. There are heavier rods in the range for surf anglers.

27H: 15-50g, 9'0". A beefed up version of the above. The one to go for if you spend your life slinging Patchinkos or larger plugs thanks to the stiffer tip. Or just want a bit more backbone to really smash a lure in to the wind.

30H: 15-50g, 10'0". THE local surf rod for those who won't need it every day of the week and don't want to spend more. Such easy rods to wind up and get the best of, the tip is just right and the casting weight quite accurate. They really will chuck a 50g metal if needed, but are also just as happy with 20g on the end. Incredibly versatile longer rods.

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  • 27M - 35g (£124.99)
  • 27H - 50g (£124.99)
  • 30H - 50g (£134.99)

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