Megabass Dot Crawler 7''


This is one of Megabass' newest soft lures. Very dense and heavy for their size, they cast like missiles, even unweighted - which is probably the best way to fish them!

5 per pack.

"The must have soft plastic to catch the big one" - Big bass specialist Tetsuya Nakamura worked with Megabass to develop the Dot Crawler. The key to the success of this bait is its undeniable presence in the water. It has the ability to attract big fish even when presented as a "do nothing" bait.

The material is designed with the ideal amount of saltiness in order to provide a pliable bait with the perfect balance between hard and soft. As a result, the bait is very versatile and gives off a quivering action that big bass can't ignore. Whether rigged weightless, with a Neko Rig, or a Texas Rig, the Dot Crawler is versatile enough to adapt to your presentation - falling horizontally, crawling, shaking, or "do nothing."

The Dot Crawler has 60 small pin holes throughout the body of the bait. These pin holes are not only to help provide consistency while rigging the bait, but they also serve to modify its lifelike, undulating action that is perfect for wacky rigging or using with a Neko Rig.

That matte finish and lifelike colors will easily trigger bites from even the most finicky big bass. The Dot Crawler can be fished on a number of different rigs. The combination of the quivering, bulky body, and the subtle vibrations of the pintail trigger bites from big bass even in tough conditions.







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Ben says:
"Heavily lures, these cast miles."

  • Length: 7" (175mm)
  • Weight: 25.4g
  • Type: Senko/Worms
  • Pack size: 5