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Penn Clash


A well known and popular reel, this one suits saltwater anglers especially. Lighter in weight than the Spinfisher or Slammer models, it's a better choice than those for "normal" fishing when you're not going to be dunking it every 30 seconds.

Go for the 2500 on rods up to 9', or perhaps a lightweight 9'6" model if you want to. For rods of 9' or longer I'd generally go for the 3000.

  • £159.99

Available Options
  • Clash 2500 (£159.99)
  • Clash 3000 (£164.99)

  • Our stock: 1

Ben says:

reel size required
reel weight required
anti reverse required
gear ratio required
bearings required
knob width required
spool_cap_area required
  • Spare Spool: No

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