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The Sakura fishing tackle brand has long been one of our favourites. My first proper lure rod was one of the original "Shukan" range so I've loved them ever since.


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Owned and run from France by SERT, Sakura and sister brand, Garbolino have the European fishing lure fishing market covered! To our ranges, Sakura add a different style to the Japanese products that we supply. A lot of our inshore boat fishing for example does not usually suit some of the lighter Japanese tackle available today. Sakura are lure fishing experts who produce dedicated rods, lures and tackle to exactly suit our requirements. Not only boat fishing for bass/pollack etc, but also for our freshwater predators too.


Sakura Catalogue 2019

I'm loving the look of the 2019 range of Sakura products. As we go through the year we'll be adding more and more to the website, ultimately getting to the point where we have the whole range in stock! Watch this space!

You can actually browse the catalogue below.


Sakura Rods

Like many European rod brands, we have to look at the ratings slightly differently on Sakura rods to on many of the Japanese models we supply. Why? Because comparably, a "30g" rated Sakura model may feel equally powerful to a "40g" Japanese one. European rods on the whole tend to be quite fast in action with a LOT of power in the butt (when comparing to other rods with similar ratings). Bear this in mind and check our measurements when trying to compare like for like models.

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