Sakura Sensibraid 8X - 11lb (#1.0)


This 13.2lb braid is most comparable to a #1.2PE Japanese braid in terms of diameter (usually rated circa 20lb+). With that being the case, for comparisons IGNORE the stated breaking strain. I  don't have the ability to factory test them so either the Japanese braids are overstated (the usual truth) or this one is stronger than it says it is (or it's more likely correct and it shows how far over-stated the majority are). My point is, comparable diameters are the ONLY way to compare braids (weight comes in to it too but that's another step...). With that being the case, the diameter of this "11lb", super, super smooth 8-strand braid makes it perfect for our light bass fishing with unweighted soft plastics or light plugs to 20g or so. Thin and smooth with a certain level of stiffness to enable great, easy fishing. It has more memory than our popular, more expensive Gosen X8 but this makes it an incredibly easy, problem free braid.

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