Sakura Waterproof Combo Suit - L


Designed by those clever folks at Sakura to be the perfect waterproof suit for our inshore boat/bass fishing. The waterproof, breathable material (mesh lined in most areas - not padded) will save you from the wind and spray while keeping you cool enough should the sun shine. There are various features to these two-piece suits that ensure your comfort.

Lined with a lovely soft fleece around the neck and other important areas, it's an extremely comfortable one to zip right up should it be needed. I hate it when the zip scratches your chin. This one's warm too. The double secure neoprene cuffs are a lovely touch too. The first one can be velcro'd tightly around your wrist to stop any fish slime or spray getting up there, while the external strap is there for added security and to stop the fabric flapping about near your hand while you're trying to tie leaders of clips. The hood is fully adjustable too to make sure it doesn't go anywhere, and the numerous pockets are super comfy.

I'd say the sizing comes up large, in that this being the "large" size, I'd consider it more of an XL in the jacket - so there's plenty of room for more padded under-layers if necessary.

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