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Savage Gear

The SG range of lures has grown a long way since then, and for us it's particularly good seeing the number of saltwater products growing.

Savage Gear

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SG was built from scratch by Mads Grosell at his home in Denmark. Close to the border with Sweden, he grew up blessed with a mixture of salt and freshwater fishing on his doorstep. Obsessed with fishing from 5 years old, he eventually began making his own rods and lures before Savage Gear itself was born. Approached by a major distributor in Europe (Svendsen Sports), he was gifted a deal that has lead to the now massive success of Savage Gear. Eventually he sold his company to the distributor, but stayed on as product manager/designer. Eventually success in Europe lead to expansion in to the States. As product manager for SG, Mads designs all of the Savage lures. The first one of each design he actually paints himself by hand!



Specialising with large swimbaits, the company has pushed this trend hard and now produce many 3D, realistic models across all of their lure ranges - large and small. We specialise in saltwater fishing, and mostly concentrate on SG's SALT range of lures. For bass, the Savage Gear Sandeel is legendary, and from a shop point of view it's been the one lure that I recommend when anybody walks in and says "what's your best bass lure?". The Panic Prey surface lure initially came in as a Patchinko copy, but it has been developed over time to include a few unique features of its own. The Line-Thru Sandeel has been another lure that has really caught on locally for anglers fishing our sandy beaches.


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