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Savage Gear Gravity Stick - AOF Custom Set - Weedless


I always like to try and help provide anglers with a simple way to try new lures. This kit includes one of each (four colours) of the three SG (Savage Gear) Gravity Stick soft plastic lures. Three are ready-rigged by myself on the SG weedless hooks (one weighted, two unweighted). The perfect way to try these new lures!

Also supplied are some of the SG medium rattles and tungsten nail weights - so that you can play about with different setups in varying conditions. 

Set includes: 

  • 4 x Gravity Stick Pintail 14cm (15g) (this is the straight tail one). 
  • 4 x Gravity Stick Pulsetail 14cm (15g) (this one has the lovely in-between style paddle that we've seen on the Fish Arrow Huddle lures and similar. Generally they give a more subtle, meandering wobble action that a standard shad).
  • 4 x Gravity Stick Paddletail 14cm (15g) (the standard shad/paddle tail).
  • 2 x Weedless Corkscriew Hooks 6/0 (rigged on two of the lures).
  • 1 x Weedless Corkscrew Hooks Weighted 6/0 (3g). (rigged on one of the lures).
  • 2 x Medium glass rattles.
  • 2 x 1.8g tungsten nail weights.
  • 1 x Savage Gear soft lure wallet.

If it were me, typically I'd fish the Pintail versions on the unweighted weedless hooks, the Pulsetail on either weighted or unweighted, and the Paddletail on the weighted hooks for more stability/keel. But you can obviously have a right play around with this lot. That's the point of the pack.

  • £15.99

  • Our stock: 16

  • Length: ()
  • Weight: 15g
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Type: Shads, Senko/Worms
  • Pack size: 12

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