Line-Thru Sandeel 19g

The SG Line-Thru Sandeels probably launched a new era for Savage as a saltwater lure brand. Their soft plastic sandeels have always been popular, but for us and the bass fishing community, the rest of their lures were nothing but looked down on. The Line-Thru Sandeels are actually designed as Scandinavian sea trout lures. This explains the idea of having the line running centrally through the body. "Why do that?", you could ask. Well, sea trout are one of those game fish that are particularly aggressive fighters and they will regularly shake their heads and hooks will slip out. The idea of having the line through the centre is to allow the lure to move more freely on the line when a fish is hooked and shaking its head, which ensures that the weight of lure isn't attached to the hook, giving it more potential of hook pulls. From a bass point of view this is pretty much irrelevant to us - which is why we experiment with adding fixed through-wires etc. to make them an easier lure to attach whilst also fishing a variety of other lures on the day. With a wire of fixed bit of line through the middle, you can clip them on and off like a normal bass lure.

Line-Thru Sandeel 19g

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The lures themselves especially suit fishing the beaches, whether standing on the beach/water itself or from the rocks along the edge. Sand beaches are obviously the natural habitat of the sand eel, so it makes sense that they work so well here. Casting potential of the lures is huge. They absolutely fly! In the water they come back with a lovely wobble. Not too aggressive, but not stick like either. Very versatile lures that will cover a lot of ground and always give you an excellent chance of catching.

Oh, they sink. If you didn't know. But not too fast, and they quickly come upwards on the retrieve.

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