Panic Prey V2

The Panic Prey was massively criticised when first released. A blatant copy of the popular Xorus Patchinko, as time's gone on animosity has calmed. In truth Savage Gear missed a trick by not making the lure smaller than the original Patchinko II (instead they went 5mm longer). Until recently a middle "125" size was always missing from the Patch range and SG really should have filled that gap at the time. They would have been far more successful. That said, the Panic Prey with its two sizes provides bass anglers with a surface lure that practically rivals its French counterpart. Unluckily for Xorus, the Patchinko - with it's fixed lead, rear weight - is the easiest lure type to successfully copy. There are no internal weight-shifting systems to try and mimic (which never works as well). Go for the 105 size in calmer conditions and the 135 when things get rough.

Panic Prey V2

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