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Shimano Fishing, UK

The Shimano fishing tackle brand has been at the forefront of design innovations throughout my lifetime. Always the fishing reels I aspired to have, and their rods (even poles) have been among the best I've ever owned.

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An absolute giant in the fishing world, we're proud to be one of the chosen Shimano UK sales stores and despite not holding all models in stock, we are free to order you any item from the Shimano fishing catalogue.


How did Shimano UK begin?

Shimano Japan began operating on a tiny scale in February 1921 when founder, Shozaburo Shimano started "Shimano iron Works" , working with just a single lathe. He manufactured bicycle freewheels - the most difficult and skilful components to produce at the time. It took 50 more years until they entered the fishing tackle industry - launching in 1970. Their expertise in gearing obviously made them superb candidates for creating modern fishing reels.

Shimano UK was founded in 1988 with help from my good friend John Loftus, who by the time we opened in 2010 was working on introducing Marukyu, Ecogear and Nories to the European market.


Shimano Servicing Department

Shimano have long been known for excellent after-sales reel service. They make it simple for us - which helps us serve you better too. If you have bought an item of Shimano tackle from us, simply contact us or bring it back in to the shop and we'll contact Shimano to have it sorted. They are excellent and fast at what they do, so together we'll endeavour to get you back fishing again as soon as possible.


Shimano Catalogue 2019

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